“Written very much in the style of the heroine’s novels, THE SECRET DIARIES OF CHARLOTTE BRONTË, as presented by author Syrie James, captures all the heartache and triumphs of the independent and creative spirit Charlotte Brontë must have been.”
Romance Reviews Today

“Brings the beloved author to life as never before. This fascinating novel is a delight to read.”
Wichita Falls Times Record Review 

“I was transported.”
Sonoma Country Life

“You will never look at the Brontë sisters as mere writers again. Talk about a gifted family … you’ll love it!”
Once Upon A Romance 

“All of the characters come alive, the story is impeccably researched, the language authentic. Like an undiscovered plot from one of Brontë’s own works.”

“I was charmed. So masterfully written I had to remind myself that it is just the fruit of Syrie James’s genius.”

“As if Charlotte had written it herself. The words are descriptive, flowing and melodious. The book was consuming and hard to put down. I cannot express strongly enough how much I loved this book!”
Impressions in Ink

“A book I adored … One that touched me “here” (putting hand over heart). This family, with their wild imaginations and art and poetry and stories are so inspiring. A sincere, serious, artistic, intellectually curious and underdog heroine—a poor spinster who refused to be limited or defined by that label. Sisters who truly loved each other, who collaborated with each other as writers—so amazing! Insightful explanations into some of the background behind Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. An unexpected sweet, rocky romance. And overall a sense of the precious beauty of life, even when short-lived.”
Bohemian Season

“Last night I closed a book … and felt like I had lost a friend. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried. Syrie James weaves a beautiful story that breathes life into a much loved and respected family in the literary world. Her language is flawless. The words could be Charlotte’s own.”
Kaye’s Book Reviews 

“Charlotte’s secret passion for a married man, her heartbreaks, and the inspiration for her many works are spilled across every page of this wonderful novel, making you forget that it is Syrie and not Brontë herself weaving this enigmatic and forceful tale. A triumph in every way, this novel will keep you on the edge of your seat, where you can almost feel the chill winds blowing across the moors of Yorkshire and hear the voice of a writer who, although long gone, still manages to whisper her every secret longing, thought, and desire in your ear.”

“A captivating and entertaining read. James is so winning in her narrative style that by the end of the tale the reader will be convinced that she, in fact, has discovered Charlotte’s secret diary.”
Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“Written with such precision so as to seamlessly weave extremely thorough historical research with dramatic fiction … the reconstruction of Ms. Brontë’s life is done with such creativity and realism that it’s hard to imagine this is “not” what happened. By the end, the reader feels a real kinship with not only Charlotte, but all of the Brontës. A must buy for Brontë-ites!”
Romance Junkies

“James did a lovely job inhabiting her heroine’s mind and giving breath to a life. I particularly enjoyed parts that showed the source materials for the novels. There is a great deal here for discussion, and I would highly recommend this for book groups and even classes!”
Romance Reader at Heart

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