Book Three in the Dare to Defy Series
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A devastating duke goes head to head with an American heiress who's determined to become the first woman architect in England.

Lance Granville, the Tenth Duke of Darcy, was none too pleased to give up his career in the Royal Navy to inherit the family title, complete with an ancient castle he needs to renovate. When an architect arrives on his doorstep, Darcy is astonished to discover that she's a woman.

Kathryn Atherton has one goal: to become the first woman architect in Britain. Marriage doesn't figure in her plans. Despite the odds, her schooling is behind her. Now she needs experience. When she's sent to a small tidal island in Cornwall to remodel a castle, the last thing Kathryn wants is to be attracted to its roguishly handsome owner.

Kathryn is determined to keep things professional, but the sizzling attraction between her and the duke quickly blazes out of control. When Darcy learns that Kathryn is an heiress whose fortune would save St. Gabriel's Mount, he wages the most important battle of his life: to woo and win the woman who's captured his heart. But duchesses can't be architects. And Kathryn has worked too long and too hard to give up her dreams ....

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"An heiress ready to toss away her fortune if it means she can become a female architect in a man's world ... A fascinating tale. I absolutely loved it. A really wonderful series! James' writing is spectacular, her imagery is beautiful, and the characters leap off the page."
Romantically Inclined

"A captivating hero, a brilliant heroine, and a delightful, steaming love story that will keep you intrigued and excited till the last page."
My Jane Austen Book Club

"A castle in Cornwall overlooking the sea. A dashing, though reluctant, duke ... and a heroine who desperately wants to have a career as an architect ... Duke Darcy's Castle dazzles and impresses with its scrupulous attention to historical detail and setting."

"A female-empowering Victorian romance trilogy that is captivating and inspiring! Three talented and resourceful women follow their aspirations and find deep-abiding love at the same time. In each book Syrie James strikes a perfect balance between heart-stopping romantic moments and pertinent historical detail."
Austenesque Reviews

"Can two such strong characters, both with conflicting motivations, face up to the need for compromise? Will Lance ever get his proposal right, and will Kathryn's final decision be to follow her head or her heart? With beautifully evocative descriptions of the setting ... Duke Darcy's Castle is well written and very well researched, and I recommend it to those who love historical romances with plenty of passion."
Frost Magazine

"An enjoyable book, especially when the heart, with explosive passion, is at war with logic and goals. It was wonderful to see how Kathryn and Lance found their way to a happy ever after."
Robin Loves Reading

"An old castle, a wise grandmother, secrets, and a pair of reluctant lovers made for a sparkling Victorian romance."
Delighted Reader

"Hugely enjoyed it. Gorgeous Captain Lancelot Granville - deep sigh! I love strong, willful, determined and intelligent heroines who go against the grain to seek what they truly want. The chemistry between them is scorching, the banter is fun and clever. I thoroughly loved her immersive, articulate, clever and hugely romantic writing."
Chicks, Rogues, and Scandals

"This daring story defies convention to offer a sensual 'coming into one's own” romance. I suspect, like me, many will delight in the pandemonium of events and how they finally climax to their well-deserved happy-ever-after."
The Quill Ink

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Published by: Avon Impulse: Paperback, ebook
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 978-0062849717