“James uses Austen’s ‘Plan of a Novel,’ the authentic notes for a book Jane Austen never wrote, to give authenticity to the discovery, and readers familiar with Austen’s novels will find the lost manuscript sufficiently Austenesque in style and content to believe in its authorship and enjoy the story … This is a book you do not want to miss.”
—The Romance Dish

“Another impressive and ingenious release from Syrie James … that masterfully captures the essence and style of a Jane Austen novel! I’d like to think that if Jane Austen did write a novel during her first years in Bath that it would be a lot like The Stanhopes. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.
—Austenesque Reviews

“All the prerequisites of an Austen novel are there … from the whimsical heroine to the doting father, misconceptions of characters, and a quaint mix of everything we love about Austen. I was quite impressed with the Austenesque prose. I loved the plot line and how the present-day plot mirrored our own emotions as the characters read through the story at the same time as we did. Very clever and very well done!”
Burton Book Review

“Syrie James intrigues readers with the framing story (what fan wouldn’t love to discover an unpublished novel by Jane?), but the heart of the book is the lost manuscript itself. James expertly blends Austen archetypes—bumbling suitors, lady friends both silly and sympathetic, bemused fathers—with her own narrative wit, infusing the story of The Stanhopes with charm and depth. A sweet, enjoyable read for any Austen fan.”
—Shelf Awareness

“James weaves a magical book that readers will definitely store on their keeper shelf and read more than once.”
—RT Book Reviews

“Stunning … a 5 star tale! This is a novel that deserves a standing ovation, and if Jane Austen were still with us—she would be the first one to applaud! “
—The Write Companion

“James has captured the spirit of Austen beautifully in this charming homage to Austen’s works, themes, and readers. Overall a delightful read, it makes me want to go digging about in old manor homes in England looking for just this sort of tale.”

“James has done a wonderful job at emulating Austen’s writing style … created a rich tapestry of characters and an immersive world for them to inhabit.  I particularly liked the ‘Miss Wabshaws’, a pair of spinster twins living in the village, who finish each other’s sentences. James is an authority of all things Austen and her enthusiasm and genuine affection for her subject shines through on every page. I was only sorry that the story had to come to an end.”
The Book Bag UK

“5 stars! A wonderful premise, and an entertaining book … Syrie James is a writer who sparks the visual in us as we read … A book a Jane Austen lover cannot miss. Based on the idea of Austen’s lost books and notes, this novel takes a ‘possible’ and turns it around to become an absorbing and fascinating probable. Highly recommended!”
The Bookish Dame

“I absolutely adored it … A book-within-a-book that is delightful and captivating from the very first page. James does a brilliant job with the missing manuscript, so much so that I had to remind myself that it wasn’t really Austen… Rebecca was as feisty as Elizabeth Bennet, as devoted to her father as Emma Woodhouse, and as good a person as Fanny Price or Anne Elliot… A must read for Austen fans, providing a few hours in which to dream about what it might be like to have a new Austen novel to read. James also gets you thinking about the importance of reading and sharing literature, the lessons learned from reading Austen’s novels, and whether your life is fulfilling or whether you need to find your bliss.”
Diary of an Eccentric

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