“Austen and Mr. Ashford seem a perfect match in matters of head and heart.”
Publishers Weekly

“Suspenseful and filled with surprises. One of the best additions to the spate of books featuring Jane Austen.”
Santa Barbara Independent

“A beautiful, fictional what if … Like many, I would like to imagine this brilliant, opinionated, witty woman had met the great love of her life and that she did in fact experience some of the magic she so keenly wrote of. 5 out of 5 Regency Stars.”

“A remarkable book … spot on research and writing style … When it comes to Jane fiction I expect the story to be written well, the dates to be accurate, and the “feel” of the piece to echo Jane’s style of writing. It is unusual for me to gush like an excited tweeny about a Jane spin-off. But here you have it … If you were wondering which book to read in front of a fire during a cold snap, or what gift to purchase a fellow Janeite, this book is that perfect item.”
Jane Austen Today

“Captures all that is best and true about Jane Austen … For die-hard Austenites, this is the book you’ve been waiting for; for those of you who do not mind a bittersweet ending, this one is sure to entrance; and for those of you wishing for knowledge of how to be a writer like Austen, well, you can find that, too.”

“Readers of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen may find themselves forgetting that the book is fiction. James bases her book on facts from Austen’s life and clearly depicts Austen’s witty imagination and keen intelligence. Readers may want to pour themselves a cup of tea before settling in with this novel, which is a delightful read.”
—The Montgomery Advertiser

“Meticulously researched and written in a style so like that of Jane Austen I was totally captivated.”
Royal Reviews

“Rarely have I read a book that I have enjoyed as much as THE LOST MEMOIRS OF JANE AUSTEN. It is written so well, and stays so true to form for the historical period, that it feels uncannily like a real memoir. I’ve read it twice already, and I’m sure I’ll read it again and again. I loved it!”
 Romance Reader At Heart

“This is an amazing book. Jane Austen lives again in the pages of Ms. James’s novel … I have never read another author who so skillfully speaks with Jane Austen’s voice and wit … Ms. James writes so convincingly, that I forgot I was reading fiction, and felt as if I truly had stumbled across the lost memoir of Jane Austen, a story sure to delight all Austen fans and make them wish it was true.”
—Author Susan Carroll

“Remarkable. Delicious … This book is nothing short of brilliant. Syrie James is a literary genii who fulfilled one of my most cherished fantasies. I felt as if she’d cozied me up to a tea table with the real Jane Austen for a heart-felt chat. I look forward to giving this book to every reader I know as a gift.”
—Author Kimberly Cates

“James stays in perfect pitch as Jane Austen in this vivacious fiction. Fans of romance will love it.
—Author T. Jefferson Parker

“Witty, deft, and impeccably researched, Syrie James’s ‘Lost Memoirs’ are so deftly done that it’s hard to tell where the history ends and invention begins. Informing even as she entertains, James deftly weaves history and imagination to create an entirely plausible romance for the immortal Jane.”
—Author Lauren Willig

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