JANE AUSTEN’S FIRST LOVE, Additional Reviews


“Syrie James has created a complex relationship that perhaps helped to shape Austen’s views on society, love, and more …. James cannot be praised enough for her ingenuity and dedication to the spirit of Austen and her novels. Jane Austen’s First Love by Syrie James is the author’s best novel yet. This is a definite contender for my Best of the Year Reads List. 5 stars!”
Savvy Verse and Wit 

“Syrie James is an incomparable storyteller, turning personal research into inspired, yet richly embellished, fictional narratives. Jane Austen’s First Love is a lively, romantic ‘what if’ that will make you laugh, as well as tug at your heart. 5 Regency stars!”

“[Ms. James] has the unique ability to weave historical facts and fiction seamlessly together to create a beautiful, riveting and delightful tale of romance and first love. 5 stars.”
Novels Alive

“Wonderful, charming and lively story … This enchanting tale will have readers recalling their first love. Simply a lovely novel!”
Romantic Times Book Reviews 

“A feast for any Austen fan. This book can’t be missing on your Austenesque shelf.”
My Jane Austen Book Club

“Imaginative, thoughtful, and expertly crafted – Syrie James has done it again! With her dexterous blend of truth, supposition, and fiction her stories creatively and beautifully render the life, romances, and secrets we all dearly wish Jane Austen to have had. 5 stars.”
Austenesque Reviews

“A wonderful story … with such perfect historical content, wonderful loving characters and humor that you will laugh out loud. 5 stars”
Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK

“Syrie James brought Jane Austen to life for me like no other author ever has. The writing was marvelous and the characters were just as real as you and me…. I was so impressed with how easily the author was able to place me in the time period and make me feel like I belonged. Not only did I love this book but it inspired me to go and pick up one of Austen’s books from my shelves and begin rereading. I think any book that can do that deserves to be read over and over again! 5 stars!”
Charming Chelsey’s

“Beautifully written … In this delightful novel, told from the first person viewpoint of Jane herself, James portrays Jane as a girl quick to fall in love, open with her opinions, and astute in her observations of human character and behavior … James does such a fantastic job creating a believable inner narrative, I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t actually inside Jane’s head reading her thoughts. Jane Austen’s First Love is another book likely to turn up on my Best of the Year List! 5 stars!”
Diary of an Eccentric

“James has thoroughly researched both Austen and the time period. She faithfully recreates Regency customs and courtship rituals, and her characters are interesting and charming. I especially loved the young Jane Austen. She’s a smart and witty tomboy who is not afraid to speak her mind. And Edward Taylor’s charm is very difficult to resist. Jane Austen’s First Love is truly a delightful read, which I highly recommend to all Janeites.”
History and Other Thoughts

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