FORBIDDEN, Additional Reviews


“Like angels meet X-Men.”
—Books: A True Story

“Enthralling! Hands down the most fascinating book I have read in quite a while. Simply magic!”
—Luxury Reading

“Must read of the week! Syrie James puts out some great books, there’s no question. What we didn’t know is that the talent she exhibits is in the genes. Ryan, her first born, makes his debut, writing with his mother… It’s good-hearted fun, and it’s evident that the mother-son duo had the time of their life writing it.”
—The Authors Speak Read of the Week

“A must read. My top 24 of all-time favorite books.”
—Jean Book Nerd

“Fantastically written, paced, and developed. My students are just going to eat it up! The plot is addictive. The characters were absolutely lovely, and I enjoyed the dual narration between Alec and Claire. 5 stars.”
 —Miss Remmer’s Reviews

“I didn’t want this book to end. The writing style is just brilliant. Suspenseful, surprising and a fantastic read. I recommend it for everyone. 5/5.”
 —The Sagacity Quest

“Two great characters who complement one another perfectly with an exciting supporting cast. A sweet romance that blossoms slowly through the book and will leave the reader begging for more. With beautiful writing and a modern setting, FORBIDDEN is an exciting read!”
—Romance Junkies

“A spectacular new Young Adult writing team! Full of intrigue, romance and humor. .. [and] very much about trust, discovery, and love. This may be written for Young Adults, however, might I also suggest, for the young at heart?”

“A thrilling ride. This is not just a YA, this is a truly amazing story that, while you’re reading it, you’re also picking out the best actors to play the roles on the big screen. All age groups will find themselves absolutely attached to this incredible novel! 5 stars.”
—Feathered Quill

“One of the better reads in the genre.”
—The Allure of Books

“An addictive read. It isn’t like the other angel paranormal books out there. This will make you want more more more.”
—Beneath the Cover

“What a great story and series. I’ve read a few titles that revolve around Angels and their offspring, the nephilim, but none quite like this spin… You won’t be able to put it down for long.”
—The Bookshelf Sophisticate

“BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. Romantic and filled with delicious tension. Forbidden enchants!”
—Author Sophie Jordan 

“Claire is smart and capable and has awesome friends! The story managed a perfect balance between realism and the supernatural. I can’t wait to read more!”
—Books Devoured 

“A wonderful, sweet romance. I like stories with good kids who are working hard and not afraid to be smart … I couldn’t put the book down and spent most of a day reading it. I want a sequel!”
—Ms. Martin Teaches Media 

“An incredibly enjoyable book. Told in tandem by both Claire and Alec, it gives the reader the perspective of both the innocent (Claire) and the guy with most of the answers (Alec). It had a light love triangle, adventure and suspense and of course FORBIDDEN love! FORBIDDEN set my wings a flutter!”
—The Book Faery 

“Claire is a great protagonist … she told her two best friends everything that was going on with her, which is pretty rare in fantasy books. She also had the best male counterpart EVER! Alec is definitely one lean mean fighting machine! And that accent! Yum! The story is irresistible!”
—Reading With Style

“A light, airy fantasy/adventure/romance that I went through like a box of Fiddle Faddle.”
—Forever Young Adult

“If you love paranormal stories dealing with angels, romance, and books with music written into the story, here’s one for your to-be-read list. It works for younger as well as more mature YA audiences, and adults would enjoy it.”
—Into The Hall of Books

“A fun, sweet read that I could not put down. I loved the angel lore—a unique, new take on it. I hated for it to end.”
—A Trail of Books

“The characters were outstanding … A lot of humor and twists throughout. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”
—Confessions of a Bookaholic 

“Loved it! The romance itself is forbidden … Alec was swoon-worthy. I mean, who doesn’t like a lean muscular guy with a Scottish accent? I loved the ending, it was action packed and intense.”
—The Book Hookup

“Syrie and Ryan James have accomplished the nearly impossible feat of writing about teenagers without being too sexually explicit while keeping the story lively, interesting, and fast-moving! Well Done!!!”
—Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews

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